USA Taekwondo


P.R.I.D.E. offers multiple taekwondo classes to meet the mental and physical needs of students. Whether you are looking for your child our yourself, we make sure the class fits your abilities. Classes are offered multiple times, Monday through Friday. We also offer competition training, clinics and private lessons. So take a look and see which program suites you.

Image of Peewee class


(4-5 YEAR OLDS) Geared exclusively for the little guys, this program is designed to introduce taekwondo at an elementary level, focusing on coordination, fitness and fun while emphasizing values such as listening, respect and focus.

Students Bowing

Children's Class

(6-12 YEAR OLDS) Students in this age range will be divided into classes based on their rank. Within these classes, students will learn rank appropriate skills including basic hand and kicking techniques, poomsae (forms), sparring, breaking and self-defense. In addition to taekwondo and physical development, students will develop an understanding of the taekwondo culture, focusing on morals and values that carry outside of the taekwondo dojang and into daily life.

Student receiving a belt


(13+ YEAR OLDS) It’s never too late to improve yourself. Welcoming teenagers as well as adult students of all ages, these classes encompass an overview of modern and traditional taekwondo with an additional focus on situational self-defense. Classes will also focus on self-improvement, increasing flexibility and mobility, cardiovascular development and physical strength.

Student training for competition


An invitation only program, this program is based around specialization of poomsae and /or sparring with the intention of pursuing competitions ranging from local to international level. These sessions are completely voluntary but require strong commitment for anyone choosing to pursue this type of training.

Someone giving a clinic


In addition to regular classes we offer a variety of clinics and seminars year-round. These include but are not limited to; Self-defense, bully prevention, poomsae and sparring seminars and courses from other martial arts.